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       2012 ABA Seminole Division 114

American Eagle

For more information call Mitch Oldnettle 850*376*2628

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June 2 & 3, 2012 ABA Seminole Division 114 Divisional Championship
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

1st Len Lindahl 42.12 lbs

Day 2 Big Fish Len Lindahl 6.25 lbs

2nd Bobby Smith 35.82 lbs

Bobby Smith

3rd David Howell 35.58 lbs

David Howell

Day 1 Big Fish Mitch Oldnettle 6.62 lbs

Division Championship Winners

May 20, 2012 ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

1st David Howell 19.22 lbs

2nd Bobby Smith 13.51 lbs

Big Fish David Howell 6.78 lbs

Winners of the Day! David, Bobby, Kyle Brooks. Mr. Kyle placed 3rd with 7.28 lbs

May 2-4, 2012 Military Team Tournament Lewis Smith Lake, Jasper, AL
Photo Credit Chris Hagood

Kyle and Kevin "Swede" Oleen finished 5th with 35.19 lbs

Kyle and Swede

Kyle and Swede

Kyle and Swede

Mitch Oldnettle and Ron Norris finished 9th with 30.70 lbs

Mitch and Ron

Bubba Armbruster and Shawn Taylor finished 13th with 29.16 lbs

Dick Clark and Mike Lemley finished 45th with 20.34 lbs

Dick and Mike

Dick and Mike

Dick and Mike

Ken "KJ" Jordan and Larry "Stretch" Gaines finished 55th with 17.93 lbs

KJ and Stretch

Timmy Chapel and Shane Lundien finished 58th with 17.24 lbs

Jeff Knight and Randy Jones finished 51st with 18.46 lbs
Aaron commons and John Lorenz finished 59th with 16.55 lbs
Vern Ward and Eddie Wofford finished 71st with 8.81 lbs

April 29, 2012 ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindah

1st David Howell 18.74 lbs

2nd Clayton Shouppe 18.51 lbs

3rd Matt Baty 18.12 lbs

Big Fish Clayton Shouppe 7.67 lbs

Congrats to the Winners of the Day!

March 24, 2012  ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

1st Bobby Smith 16.13 lbs

2nd Clayton Shouppe 14.21 lbs

3rd Len Lindahl 12.65 lbs

4th Larry "Stretch" Gaines 12.47 lbs

Big Fish Brian Smith 5.71 lbs

Congrats to the Winners of the Day!

February 19, 2012 ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

1st Mitch Oldnettle 22.30 lbs

2nd Clint Brown 20.96 lbs

3rd Len Lindahl 13.37 lbs

Big Fish Mitch Oldnettle 6.31 lbs

January 29, 2012 ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

1st Terry Stevens 27.47 lbs

2nd David Howell 22.58 lbs

3rd Len Lindahl 11.91 lbs

Big Fish Terry Stevens 8.02 lbs

David Howell with a couple of beauties!

Congrats to the Winners of the Day!


ABA News from American Bass Anglers

During the American Fishing Tour Division 114 tournament, held Jan. 29, 2012, Terry Stevens from Marianna, Fla., won with five bass weighing 27.47 pounds. He anchored his catch with a pair of 8-pounders that hit a red lipless crankbait run near grass lines. His biggest, an 8.02-pounder, took the lunker title. For the victory, Stevens won $502.
“Everybody caught fish and had a really good time,” said Len Lindahl, assistant tournament director for AFT Division 114. “Many anglers sight-fished for bedding bass. With the warm weather, the bass moved up onto the beds. A lot of people who caught the better weights fished on the first drops where it was a little deeper. They were trying to get the bigger females to bite. Anglers caught fish on a variety of baits including lipless crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits and soft plastics.”
With a bag anchored by a couple 7.5-pounders, David Howell took second in that January event with 22.58 pounds. Lindahl placed third with a weight of 11.91 pounds. David J Brown took fourth place with 11.04 pounds, followed Randy Cnota with 9.46 pounds and Bubba Armbruster with 8.92 pounds.
Each season, which lasts from November through June, anglers who fish AFT Division 114 can participate in seven events on Lake Seminole and three on Lake Talquin near Tallahassee, Fla. Anglers accrue points in the events. The top anglers from each AFT division earn the right to fish in the AFT National Championship tournament with the division points champion entitled to fish in the AFT Angler of the Year tournament. The season wraps up with a two-day divisional championship, slated for June 2-3 on Lake Seminole. The next divisional event will be held on Feb. 19, 2012, at Lake Seminole.
“Lake Seminole is a really good fishery for both numbers and big fish,” Lindahl said. “It generally takes at least 20 pounds to win a tournament. A few of our anglers fish both the AFT and the BWS circuits. We normally average about 24 to 25 anglers fishing our tournaments. We have had a high as 36 people fishing.”
Lake Seminole stretches across 37,500 acres and touches three states. Formed by damming the Apalachicola River, most of Lake Seminole sits in southwestern Georgia. The Chattahoochee River forms part of the Georgia-Alabama line and feeds into Lake Seminole from the northwest. The Flint River runs up through Georgia to the northeast. Several major creeks also enter the system. Some springs bubble up from the lake bottom.
“The lake can produce some 10-pound bass,” Lindahl said. “The spawn is just getting started so it’s a good time to catch a double-digit bass. If I were fishing a tournament at Seminole at this time of year, I would get on the bedding flats and throw lipless crankbaits and a jerkbait to find fish. I’d comb the area because the fish are going to be grouped up.”
The lake averages about eight feet deep, but some channels offer some deeper water. Several stumpy humps and grassy flats may also hold good bass. Anglers can also fish some docks.
“Lake Seminole has some massive flats all over the lake,” Lindahl said. “Some of the flats are wooded or have grassy cover. Creek channels run through the bedding flats. That’s a good place to look for big fish. It’s a great fishery. Anyone who wants to fish the lake would have a good time.”
In February, look for bass beds near milfoil or hydrilla growing in four to seven feet of water and work shaky heads or Texas-rigged plastics around the grassy edges. Drag tubes or creature baits through beds. In thick grass, many anglers punch through canopy cover with heavy black and blue jigs tipped with craws.
In the afternoon, bass many come up into the shallow flats to feed during warmer weather. Keep a jerkbait handy to work around the flats. Also hit isolated stumps in sunny flats with spinnerbaits or work crankbaits around the mouth of Spring Creek.
For more information on AFT Division 114, call Mitchell Oldnettle at (850) 376*2628 or Len Lendahl at (850) 272*5305. On line, see www.americanbassanglers.com.

December 18, 2011 ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

David Mock 1st Place 25.32 lbs

David Mock Big Fish 7.12 lbs

David Howell 2nd Place 17.71 lbs

Terry Stevens 3rd Place 17.01 lbs

Rob Lawhon 4th Place 16.96 lbs

Randy Cnota 5th Place 16.54 lbs

Len Lindahl 6th Place 15.56 lbs

November 20, 2011 ABA Seminole Division 114
Photo Credit Len Lindahl

1st Place Andy Roberts 14.94 lbs Big Fish 4.09 lbs

2nd Place Matt Baty 13.37 lbs

3rd Place Marcus Purecka 11.18 lbs

4th Place Scott Kerslake 8.70 lbs

Winners for the day!


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