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Seminole Lodge is proud to support the
Florida Bass Federation

State Championship
Final Results
October 13 & 14, 2012
60 Anglers  Paid 11 Places
Day 1 Big Fish Michael Davis 6.83 lbs
Day 2 Big Fish Michael Teate 6.90 lbs

Gary Paul 1st 21.20 lbs

Gary Paul Angler of Year

2013 Florida Bass Federation State Team

The Florida Bass Federation, TBF, FLW

Announces the Results of the 2012 State Championship

and the 2013 State Team

Over the weekend of October 13 and 14, the Florida Bass Federation held their 2012 State Championship tournament on Lake Seminole in Jackson County, Florida. The weather was great but the fishing was tough, which made the winners performances all the more impressive. The highlight of the day - Gary Paul of the Fort Myers Bass Club claimed the title of State Champion with 21.2 pounds by edging out Leon Roy of the Tri State Bass Slayers by just less than two pounds. For the Co-Anglers, Michael Davis of the Winter Haven Lunker Lovers topped the list with 12.35 pounds followed by David Glenn, also of the Winter Haven Lunker Lovers, who managed 8.95 pounds. You can see a complete list of the tournament standings at www.floridabassfederation.com.

At the State Championship, the Florida Bass Federation also named the members of the State Team for 2013. The team will consist of 12 Anglers and one alternate. Gary Paul will lead the team as the Angler of the Year. Gary has impressed us all on his way to capture the Federation’s top honor. Winning the State Championship, three of the five qualifiers and in the money for two qualifiers – Gary proved he can win on any water in any region. As a team, Gary and his wife, Linda, work hard at winning. You will see them pre-fishing the State tournaments days in advance. They put in the time and commitment that made Gary Paul the best of the best for 2012.

Completing a very strong team this year are; Michael Teate – 2nd Place Angler of the Year – of the Winter Haven Lunker Lovers, David Glenn – 1st Place Co-Angler of the year of the Winter Haven Lunker Lovers, Robert Gleason – 2nd Place Co-Angler of the Year of the Lake Worth-Boynton Beach Bassmasters, Leon Roy, Jessie Woodring of the Lake Worth-Boynton Beach Bassmasters, Jared Dial of the Winter Haven Lunker Lovers, Chuck Swann of the North Florida Bassmasters, Micheal Davis of the Winter Haven Lunker Lovers, Randy Rafnel of the Red Neck Yacht Club, John Hodgson of the East Coast Bass Anglers, Jeff Zesiger of the Bass Capital Bassmasters and Michael Johnson of the North Florida Bassmasters. Congratulations all of you and good luck in 2013.

The members of the Florida Bass Federation would like to give our sincere thanks to all the people that were responsible for a successful and enjoyable State Championship this year. Ralph Clippinger, Acting President of the Federation and Doug Gary, Tournament Director for the State Championship, came through for us dedicating their time and expertise organizing and directing the tournament. They will tell us they had a lot of help – and they did. So thank you all the volunteers for your hard work.

We also thank Pam Fuqua, Executive Director of the Tourist Development Council of Jackson County, and our good friend and long time supporter, Homer Hirt, for welcoming us to your beautiful Lake Seminole year after year. We greatly appreciate Mary Neal and the West Florida Electric Cooperative for letting us meet in your conference room every time we come to town. The Victory Baptist Church graciously offered their cafeteria for our banquet. Thank you Pastor Pippin, we hope to see you again real soon. We launched each day out of the Seminole Lodge and Marina. Thank you to Monte Anderson for the use of your facility, the motel and campground. And thank you Debra Bradley for being there before dawn with the coffee ready and plenty of ice. Please visit www.seminole lodge.com. And, of course, the fine people at the Lake Seminole Inn in Sneads, FL .

Gary Paul 21.20 lbs

   Leon Roy V 19.23 lbs

         Jesse Woodring 14.11 lbs

Jared Dial 13.12 lbs

     Chuck Swann 12.82 lbs

      Michael Davis 12.35 lbs

     Randy Rafnel 11.82 lbs

      John Hodgson 11.01 lbs

  Jeff Zesiger 10.70 lbs

    Michael Teate 9.92 lbs

        Michael Johnson 9.73 lbs

David Glenn 8.95 lbs
Joe Nickol 8.79 lbs
Earl Wells 7.78 lbs

 Heath Annin 7.04 lbs

  Robby Ratliff 6.91 lbs

   Mike Webster 6.31 lbs

  Ron Ochsner 5.97 lbs
Dave Tripp 5.20 lbs

      Robert Gleason 5.07 lbs

Derek Black 5.06 lbs

        Kenneth Stanton 4.77 lbs

Jon Swoap 4.77 lbs

  Eric Johnson 4.60 lbs
Barry Edie 4.59 lbs

   John Guttuso 4.58 lbs

  Clyde McCoy 4.45 lbs

    Joe Markovitz 4.38 lbs

Chris Curtis 3.90 lbs

     Carmine Polito 3.53 lbs

BJ Shirah 3.50 lbs

Lee Goans 3.32 lbs

   Jim McKinley 3.20 lbs

     Clyde Allbaugh 3.10 lbs

     Steve Crowley 2.99 lbs

          Lamar Middleton 2.55 lbs

John Dial 2.46 lbs

 Jim Pearson 2.30 lbs

   John Ethridge 2.23 lbs

     John Gasperak 1.85 lbs

   Peter Szymula 1.81 lbs

      Kenneth Pagano 1.13 lbs

       Matt Henderson 1.06 lbs
Scott Pritt 0.96 lbs

Congrats and Good Luck to the
2009 FBF State Championship Team
2009 Florida Bass Federation State Championship Team
Leon Roy, Jesse Woodring, A.J. Willequer, Jason Davis, Ty Fox, Richard Held,
Eric Gibson, Steven Crowley, Hunter Broggi, Robert Eid, Thomas Walsh, Larry Reynolds

March 15-16, 2008
2nd Qualifier
Congrats to David Johnson, Consolidated Bassmasters!
1st Place 37.07 lbs
David Johnson, Winner of the Florida Bass Federation qualifier at Lake Seminole, Seminole Lodge.  37.07 lbs
(Photo credit www.aroundthetournamenttrail.com)

March 2008 Qualifier Photos
Thanks Jim Fowler!


March 2008 Florida Bass Federation Qualifier, Seminole Lodge, Lake Seminole Florida

2007 Classic Results

2007 AOY  
Leon Roy  Big Bend Bass Club
2007 Co-Angler 
John Hendry  Lakeland TBF Bassmasters

2007 North Lake Marine Ranger Boat Winner
Marvin Berdinsky
Marvin Berdinsky 2007 Florida Bass Fed Classic Ranger Boat Winner!

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Contact Tommy Edwards 904*562*8552 Youth Program Director,
for information on how your FBF club can
participate in the youth program.



Regional VP  Robert Dees


Regional Directors 
Joey Farris  550*510*7321

Philip Barber  850*933*4914


Regional VP Ralph Clippinger


Regional Directors 
Gene Crossway  904*759*1231

Terry Driggers  386*937*3137

Aaron Bell  904*555*5092

TimMcCoy  904*206*2110


Regional VP  A.J. Willequer

Regional Directors
Jim Stricklin  863*537*0732

Robert Kimbrough  772*559*2547

Michael Teate  863*604*0747


Regional VP Mark Lundgren


Regional Directors
Carl Lewis  772*528*5652

John Hodgson  854*528*5652


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2006 Florida Bass Federation

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